People can actually create pictures in their mind’s eye!

Dan/ December 12, 2022/ aphantasia/ 0 comments

  Wait! What? “I simply assumed everyone saw the same black nothingness when they closed their eyes, and that the majority of language associated with mental imagery (picturing your happy place or counting sheep) was metaphorical rather than literal.” I hope this post is read by someone who can’t draw a mental picture and that they can have the same

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MIT Qualification in Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

Dan/ August 12, 2022/ AR, VR, XR/ 0 comments

This course included design/prototyping/evaluation methods, game development, user needs, social applications, future potential and broader implications of XR. However, two key topics did stand out that I wish to highlight here: The Four Realms of an Experience The ultimate user experience will hit a ‘sweet spot’ directly in the middle of the four realms illustrated below. It’s not just watching

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